Quick Drying Hiking Pants

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  • Quick Drying Hiking Pants - HPM006
Quick Drying Hiking Pants
Model - HPM006
Men's lightweight waterproof anti abrasion quick-drying UV Protective hiking pants(Abrasion Resistance fabric)

Made of stronger TACTEL OTTOMAN elastic water repellent material, which allows you to maintain the best movement, breathability and all-weather comfort, cool to wear in the summer, resistant to dirt, and long wear wear wear, and passed the Australian test AS/NZS-4399-1998, Appendix UPF50+ reviews, +very good protection Very good anti-UVF effect, effectively blocking more than 98% of UVA and UVB penetration, UV protection effect is much better than applying sunscreen on the skin, because the fabric is more delicate, UV protection effect will not change because of the washing effect.
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Flame-Retardant fabric Flame retardant fabric is a type of technical fabric that avoids fire spreading when the flame source is removed, the fabric extinguishes and a charred barrier remains that prevents the flame spread to achieve No melting, No dripping, No sticking to the skin. The main feature is flame retardant features from different material compositions. 1) Physical flame retardant: it is weaved directly from flame-retardant threads without a chemical treatment process, by imparting flame retardancy (FR) to flammable fibers in blends and improving the overall FR performance of the fabric. As individual protection equipment, the fabric is tailored with flame retardant fabric, this will be safer from the contact with flames also can bring a higher comfort to the user, in addition to the required protection against splashes of metals in fusion, heat radiations, electric arc and to any welding.  
High-Visibility fabric This is a High-Visibility fabric, its face material is a polyester fluorescent fabric with water-repellent finish, its back material is a waterproof Polyurethane coating. It is water and wind resistant, waterproof, durable, Ideal for high visibility clothing, workwear, personal protective equipment, etc. It will require a 3rd protective layer or tricot, mesh or fleece for most applications. High visibility garments can be produced from different types of materials, warp or weft knitted materials or woven fabrics. 
EN471/EN343 fabric EN471/EN343 EN471 is the EU standard set of protective clothing. It has specific requirements to remind the user of the existing vision, in order to remind the user to raise awareness of dangerous situations in the morning and evening. In addition, the protective clothing needs to meet the specified requirements in terms of color, light reflection and narrow environment. The protective clothing for workers in the workplace needs to meet Employers also have a responsibility to provide safety clothing for their employees. Generally, for those who wear high visibility clothing, it means that they are working in a darker environment, in poor weather conditions or in an environment with a lot of traffic and need to be seen by others and kept safe.